CD Of The Year For 2001
Deepcut To Nowhere
by Graham Parker

Who is the greatest and most underrated singer songwriter of the last 25 years? Simple, it is Graham Parker. For more than a quarter of a century now, Graham Parker has delivered musical and lyrical masterpieces time and time again. It started for me one day in December 1976 when I picked up the Village Voice and looked at their top 100 albums of the year. I knew music very well back then but when I looked at the number 2 album it was from this guy Graham Parker and The Rumour. I thought I heard a song or two from him but he was underneath my radar and I wondered how that could happen to me living in New York City.

Then I noticed the number 1 album for the year of 1976 - I couldn't believe it, it was Graham Parker and The Rumour yet again. How could this be, both the number 2 and the number 1 album by this same artist Graham Parker and The Rumour, and I didn't know about this music. Well I bought both Howlin' Wind and Heat Treatment and got blown away. They were both great albums, and still are. So are Stick To Me, Squeezing Out Sparks, The Up Escalator, Another Grey Area, The Real Macaw, Steady Nerves and The Mona Lisa's Sister.

With his wondrously wide variety of musical styles, thought provoking lyrics and heartfelt soulful punk-rock raspy voice, Graham Parker has graciously given to us his 10th masterpiece, with his new CD, Deepcut To Nowhere. From the first track, Dark Days, to the last, Last Stop Is Nowhere, there are 12 great stories from an artist performing at his best.

Because of this, is honored to give the CD Of The Year Award For 2001 to Graham Parker for Deepcut To Nowhere.

Mark Elsis

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